Department of Fire Prevention 
201-529-5757, ext. 275 (non-emergency)
9-1-1 (emergency)


Frequently Asked Questions

Duties of the Department of Fire Prevention consist of the enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code, inspecting all commercial buildings and tenants, schools, places of assemble and multi-family dwellings. (See Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information)

The Departmentof Fire Prevention is a multi-task department serving the Township of Mahwah. In addition to conducting fire code inspections at commercial locations, Fire Prevention also provides public fire safety education programs. Another task performed by Fire Prevention, is the State of NJ required certification of smoke detector operation in the resale of homes and a change of tenants. To apply for this certification, an application must be filled out at the Township's Department of Inspection's, a fee is charged, and an appointment can be made at the time of submitting the application. Fire Prevention Inspectors are also available for a free inspection of possible fire hazards within your home. For further information please contact the Department of Fire Prevention during normal office hours Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Mike Roe, Fire Official,  Ext. 275          
Ed Garza, Fire Prevention,  Ext 290