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Please note that a mailed check (even local mail) could take 5-7 days to reach us.  Online bank payments can take 7-10 days before they are processed by the bank and mailed to us.  Payments through the Mahwah online website are received by us on the next business day.  Please keep this in mind when you are paying your Tax or Water/Sewer bill in order to avoid interest charges. 

The Mahwah Water and Sewer Billing & Collection Department is located in the Municipal Building.  The utility bills are quarterly with three cycles.  Therefore, the Utility Department is billing and collecting every month. Direct withdrawal will be available stating in December 2018 for Water/Sewer bills.

The water charge is based on actual usage with $26.90 the minimum charge for 1,000 cubic feet.  The usage charge over the 1,000 cubic feet minimum is $3.39 per hundred cubic feet.  The usage charge over 35,000 cubic feet is $4.06 per hundred cubic feet.  Summer surcharge May 1st through September 30th.   Water meters are read by a radio activated Badger Data Pack System.  The Sewer charge is based on actual winter months, which are the third week week of December and the third week of March.  The minimum charge is $88.00 for 1,000 cubic feet thereafter $4.73 per hundred cubic feet.  Private well use: sewer charge is $182.60.  The third quarterly billing period is the start of the new sewer charge for the next four periods.

NOTE: If water needs to be turned on or turned off at the street by the Township, there will be a $50.00 charge for both turn on and turn off.

When a utility customer moves in or out, the customer should call the Water Department at 201-529-5757 (ext. 221 or ext. 222) for a final reading.  There is a final reading fee of $20.00 for each time a final reading is scheduled.  Usually, the final bill is paid before the closing. 

The Mayor and Council passed a resolution to permit a 15% discount on the minimum water charge for senior citizens and disabled persons.  The applications are available at the Water Department or click here to print a copy.

For Billing Inquiries Call:  201-529-5757  Ext. 221 or 222

evillano@mahwahtwp.org, Liz Villano, Tax and Utility Collector, Ext. 224
sauleta@mahwahtwp.org, Sandra Auleta, Senior Clerk, Ext. 222

efeduniewicz@mahwahtwp.org,  Eleanor Feduniewicz, Senior Clerk, Ext 221