Planning Board
201-529-5757 EXT. 245

Mayor William Laforet, Class I
Todd Sherer, Chairman
Jeremiah J. Crean, Vice Chairman
George Ervin, Class III
Ward G. Donigian,  Secretary, Class IV
Shivi Grewal, Assistant Secretary, Class IV
Christopher Howard, Class II

Todd Van Duren, Class IV
Vacant, Class IV

Vacant Alternate I
Stephen Lo Iacono, Alternate II

Geri Entrup, Acting Administrative Officer/Director
Donelle DeCouto, Recording Secretary  
Peter Scandariato, Esq. Attorney
Boswell McClave Engineering; Township Engineer
Maser Consulting, P.A. Township Planner


The Planning Board reviews and approves all commercial site plans and all subdivisions that do not require a "Use" variance. The Board meets normally the 2nd and 4th Monday evening of the month at 7:30 p.m. They also, review all Soil Applications associated with the site plan and/or subdivision applications. All soil applications for single family homes that require public hearings are scheduled with the Planning Board.

Planning Board Administrative Officer/Director, ext 245