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Please note that a mailed check (even local mail) could take 5-7 days to reach us. Online bank payments can take 7-10 days before they are processed by the bank and mailed to us. Payments through the Mahwah online website are received by us on the next business day. Please keep this in mind when you are paying your Tax or Water/Sewer bill in order to avoid interest charges

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UPDATE: 9/6/18

2018 Final 2019 Preliminary Tax Bills will be mailed no later than September 15, 2018. The next payment due is November 1st with a grace period of 10 days. As the 10th falls on a Saturday the last date to pay without interest is Monday August 12th. Payments received in our office after this date will accrue interest from November 1st.   Please note that NJ State has issued the Homestead rebate credit on the 4th quarter. Any questions regarding this should be directed to the Homestead Rebate hotline @ 1-888-238-1233. Please make your check payable to the Mahwah Tax Collector and mail to 475 Corporate Dr or PO Box 769, Mahwah NJ.  We have a drop box outside the Municipal Building at 475 Corporate Drive and you can pay or view your property taxes online at 

The Tax Collector is responsible for the yearly billing and quarterly collection of the tax levy within guidelines mandated by the State of New Jersey.  The Tax Collector presides at the annual tax sale, and also adjusts the tax accounts for tax appeals, senior citizen, disabled and veteran’s deductions. 

PAYMENT OF TAXES:  Taxes are to be paid on a quarterly basis as reflected in your tax bill each year.  These payments are due on the first of February, May, August and November. Tax bills are mailed tomortgage companies and all owners of the property.  Those owners whose mortgage companies escrow tazed receive a bill marked , "THIS IS NOT A BILL.  FOR ADVICE ONLY."   When your mortgage is satisfied, you should use the "ADVICE" bill to make payments.  The tax bill reflects any deductions for that year and carries the full amount due for the year.  The tax bill should be used for income tax purposes. The four “Collector Stubs” attached to the bill are for mailing in with your payment.  The final tax bill of the current year is the 3rd quarter due August 1 and the 4th quarter due November 1.  The preliminary tax is based on half of the previous tax billed, the 1st quarter due February 1 and the 2nd quarter due May 1.   Please make checks payable to and mail to:  MAHWAH TAX COLLECTOR

You can pay your Tax bill by MAIL with a check, by DIRECT WITHDRAWAL, in PERSON using a check or cash, or by using our WEBSITE.

MAIL:  Send your check with the appropriate stub from the bill to:  P.O Box 769  Mahwah NJ  07430.  Please note:  A receipt will be provided only if you include a stamped self-addressed return envelope.  Payment must be received in our office by the 10th to avoid interest charges.  Postmarks are not accepted.   

Direct Withdrawal (ACH) - Direct debit from checking or savings.
Click here for ACH Application.
Click here for Checkfree Application


Check Free Application - This form of payment is for residents who pay bills online through their bank.  The bank sends us a physical check with little information and no stubs.  This authorizes the Tax Department to keep the bill and send the resident an advice copy.  Residents who use this form of payment should make sure their block and lot appear on the check to identify their property.  Also, since this form of payment comes via regular mail, please be sure to allow sufficient time for the physical check to reach us.                                                                                                                      

IN PERSON:  Bring check or cash with appropriate stub to the Township of Mahwah Municipal Center Main Floor.  If you wish a receipt, you must bring in the entire bill and we will receipt the back of the bill.  

IN PERSON AFTER HOURS:  For your convenience, the Township has installed a drop box outside the Municipal Building in the event you visit the building and find the offices are closed.  Please note the drop box is for checks only. No cash is to be left in the drop box.  


WEBSITE PAYMENT:  To use our website, click above towards top of page  on "Click here to view and pay property taxes on line."  Once you enter your property, you will see a tab that says "Make a Payment".  This will take you to a 3rd party website.   You can follow the prompts and pay by e-check, credit card or VISA debit card.  Please note there are fees associated with website payment.  These fees go to the third party and not the municipality.  NOTE:  Properties on Tax Sale are not able to make website payments.   

INTEREST:  State Statute requires any taxes remaining unpaid by the 1st day of February, May, August or November to be subject to interest at the rate of up to 8% per annum up to $1500.00 and 18% per annum over $1500.00.  A penalty of up to 6% may be charged on any delinquency in excess of $10,000.00 if not paid by the end of the calendar year.  Each year the Mayor and Council may provide for a grace period not exceeding 10 days.

Please note that our office can not recognize post marked mail.  Consequently, the interest on your taxes will revert to the first of each quarter if we receive your payment in our office after the 10th.

New owners should call the Township Tax Office for a tax bill.

The Township Tax Department as a team takes great pride in Mahwah.  We will strive to maintain your confidence as residents while providing considerate and competent assistance to those we serve.

Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Tax Office :  201-529-5757 Ext. 228, Liz Villano, Tax / Utility Collector, Ext. 224, Deborah Cavalli, Senior Account Clerk, Ext. 22, Kelly Mangin Deputy Tax Collector, Ext. 226