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Township of Mahwah

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Reiki Meditation - October 1, 2019

Release Date: September 25, 2019



Tuesday, October 1 @ 12:00 in Art room


REIKI is a holistic modality which creates a universal life force energy that aids in the healing of people & their pets for the mind, body and soul.   Reiki helps with anxiety, depression, helps lower blood pressure, relieves sinus & allergy problems, relieves aches, pains & headaches, and is used in a combination practice with modern medicine such as Hospital Settings and Wellness Centers.  Reiki is never used in lieu of medical practice, but, is a complimentary addition to the medical world. During my presentation, I will be explaining what Reiki is and then I will take you on a guided meditation.  Near the very end of this meditation, I will then perform chair Reiki on some clients who desire to do so.

Please register. No walk ins.