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Large Appliance Early Retirement Program

Release Date: March 29, 2010
Sustainable Mahwah Team Kicks Off the Large Appliance Early Retirement Program


Sustainable Mahwah Team Kicks Off the Large Appliance Early Retirement Program

The Sustainable Mahwah Team kicked off the Large Appliance Early Retirement Program for refrigerator and freezers in conjunction with Sustainable Jersey, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.

The program provides residents with free pickup of their unwanted refrigerators or freezers and pays them a $50 incentive.  Residents can call Sustainable Mahwah Team member Karin La Greca who is coordinating the program for the township.

Recycling large appliances is important because refrigerators and freezers include harmful components that are not appropriate for landfill disposal. The program facilitates the proper disposal of spare units by paying residents a $50 incentive to have their unit picked up and disposed of properly.  There is no charge for pick up.

Replacing outdated refrigerators and freezers with newer, more energy efficient models can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and household energy costs. Refrigerators and freezers consume the most energy of all household appliances and outdated models can consume three to four times more energy than newer models.  This will save the homeowner electricity.

This program is part of the Community Partners Initiative that promotes New Jersey's Clean Energy Programs to residents in the member communities.  As a Community Partner, Mahwah will be eligible for up to $4,000 in incentives for their Sustainable Mahwah team.  For more information about New Jersey's Clean Energy Programs, go to

To qualify your refrigerator or freezer for free pick up and cash incentive, residents are asked to call Karin La Greca, 201-669-8267.

The Sustainable Mahwah Team’s mission is to assist, advocate, and advise the township on sustainable strategies and initiatives for environmental and fiscal responsibility.  Sustainable actions create a more economical and higher quality of life for the community and for future generations.  The Sustainable Mahwah team encourages you to sign up to its news and discussion group at or contact Sustainable Mahwah at 

Please contact Chance Parker at (970) 217-2303, Gregg Sgambati (201) 252-2444 or Paul Scian (917) 822-3273 for additional information.