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Township of Mahwah

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Contacts Directory

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Department: Boards, Commissions & Committees

Township of Mahwah
Municipal Offices
475 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Main Number 201-529-5757

Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Department of Human Services
475 Corporate Drive

Open 8:00am-4:00pm Weekdays
201-529-5757 Ext: 205
Department of Public Works
142 North Railroad Avenue
Open 7:00am-3:30pm Weekdays
7:00am-1:00pm Saturdays
Closed on Sundays
Municipal Pool
700 Darlington Ave
Hours 11:30am till Dusk
Opens Saturday of Memorial Day weekend
Closes Labor Day
Fire Prevention Offices
475  Corporate Drive
Open 7:00am-3:00pm Weekdays


Name Address Phone
Quentin Wiest, Business Administrator
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelQuentin Wiest's201-529-5757 Ext 265Fax201-529-0061
Marianne Poland, HR / Benefits
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelMarianne Poland's201-529-5757 Ext 268Fax201-529-0061
Deb Burns, Executive Secretary to Mayor
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDeb Burns's201-529-5757 Ext 262Fax201-529-0061
Joanne Becker, QPA
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelJoanne Becker's201-529-5757 Ext 263Fax201-529-0061
Janet Puzo,
475 Corporate Drive, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelJanet Puzo's201-529-5757, Ext. 250Fax201-529-0061
Laurie Mahoney,
475 Corporate Drive, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelLaurie Mahoney's201-529-5757 Ext. 264Fax201-529-0061
Department of Fire Prevention
Name Address Phone
Michael Roe, Fire Official
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelMichael Roe's201-529-5757 Ext 275Fax201-512-0537
Ed Garza, Fire Prevention Inspector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelEd Garza's201-529-5757 Ext 290Fax201-512-0537
Department of Inspections
Name Address Phone
Daniel Mairella, Construction Code Official
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDaniel Mairella's201-529-5757 Ext 241Fax201-512-0537
John Lane, Assist. Construction Code Official; Electrical Sub-Code Inspector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelJohn Lane's201-529-5757 Ext 239Fax201-512-0537
Zaconie Jim, P/T Fire Sub-Code Inspector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelZaconie Jim's201-529-5757 Ext 240Fax201-512-0537
Russell Hall, Plumbing Sub-Code Inspector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelRussell Hall's201-529-5757 Ext 236Fax201-512-0537
Adam Slufik, Building Inspector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelAdam Slufik's201-529-5757 Ext 237Fax201-512-0537
Kathy Forkins, Controller
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelKathy Forkins's201-529-5757 Ext 233Fax201-512-0537
Pam Treadwell, Senior Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelPam Treadwell's201-529-5757 Ext 284Fax201-512-0537
Jessica Paniagua, Senior Clerk
TelJessica Paniagua's201-529-5757, Ext. 235
Emergency Services
Name Address Phone
Raymond Roe, Director
221 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelRaymond Roe's201-529-1000 Ext. 275
Name Address Phone
Kenneth Sesholtz, Chief Financial Officer
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelKenneth Sesholtz's201-529-5757 Ext. 256Fax201-529-2137
Corinne Hockman, Assist. to Chief Financial Officer/Payroll
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelCorinne Hockman's201-529-5757 Ext. 257Fax201-529-2137
Ann Pope, Principal Accounts Payable Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelAnn Pope's201-529-5757 Ext. 259Fax201-529-2137
Linda Pertuz, Sr. Account Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelLinda Pertuz's201-529-5757 Ext. 258Fax201-529-2137
Government Contacts
Name Address Phone
Booker Cory , U.S. Senator
TelBooker Cory 's202-224-3224
Robert Menendez, U.S. Senator
TelRobert Menendez's202-224-4744
Josh Gottheimer, U.S. Congressman
TelJosh Gottheimer's202-225-4465
Phil Murphy, Governor
TelPhil Murphy's609-292-6000
Gerald Cardinale, State Senator
TelGerald Cardinale's201-567-2324
Robert Auth, State Assemblyman
TelRobert Auth's201-567-2324
Holly Schepisi, State Assemblywoman
TelHolly Schepisi's201-666-0881
James Tedesco, County Executive
TelJames Tedesco's201-336-7300
Health Department
Name Address Phone
Angela Musella, Health Officer
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelAngela Musella's201-529-5757, Ext. 210Fax201-529-8013
Diane Homler, Principal REHS (Inspector)
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDiane Homler's201-529-5757 Ext. 286Fax201-529-8013
Daniel Maas, REHS
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDaniel Maas's201-529-5757 Ext. 212Fax201-529-8013
Marianne Campbell, Registrar, Administrative Secretary
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelMarianne Campbell's201-529-5757 Ext.208Fax201-529-8013
Kathy Hagan, Clk / Deputy Registrar
TelKathy Hagan's201-529-5757, Ext . 207
Human Services, Housing, Access Transportation
Name Address Phone
Beverly Nicastro, Driver/Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelBeverly Nicastro's201-529-5757 Ext 200Fax201-529-9982
Marthina Suazo, Driver
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelMarthina Suazo's201-529-5757, Ext. 285Fax201-529-9982
Name Address Phone
John Roth, Mayor
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelJohn Roth's201-529-5757 Ext 267Fax201-529-0061
Municipal Court
Name Address Phone
Dennis Harraka, Judge
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDennis Harraka's201-529-2862
DeMarco Joseph , Prosecutor
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDeMarco Joseph 's201-529-5757 Ext. 273
Michele O'Donohue, Court Administrator, CMCA
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelMichele O'Donohue's201-529-5757 Ext 249Fax201-529-2054
Samantha Chvasta, Deputy Court Administrator
TelSamantha Chvasta's201-529-2862, Ext. 252
Kelly Flynn, Violations Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelKelly Flynn's201-529-5757 Ext 251Fax201-529-2054
Municipal Pool
Name Address Phone
Brian Clapp, Pool Manager
Municipal Pool Complex, 700 Darlington Avenue,  
TelBrian Clapp'sPool 201-529-4949 - 201-906-6620
Planning / Zoning / Property Maintenance
Name Address Phone
Geri Entrup, Planning/Zoning Officer
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelGeri Entrup's201-529-5757 Ext.Fax201-512-0537
Thomas Mulvey, Property Maintenance Inspector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelThomas Mulvey's201-529-5757 Ext 246Fax201-512-0537
Sylvia Gerou, Soil / Escrow Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelSylvia Gerou's201-529-5757 Ext 243Fax201-512-0537
Mary Jo Wood, Sr. Clerk (Planning Board)
Municipal Building Complex, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelMary Jo Wood's12015295757244
Angela Dragone, Sr. Clerk - Plan/Zoning, Prop/ Maint. (Bd of Adj)
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelAngela Dragone's201-529-5757 Ext 242Fax201-512-0537
Name Address Phone
Stephen. Jaffe, Police Chief
221 Franklin Turnpike,  
TelStephen. Jaffe's201-529-1000, Ext 215Fax201-529-0204
Vacant Vacant, Captain - Investigative Division Commander
221 Franklin Turnpike, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelVacant Vacant's201-529-1000, Ext.
Stuart Blank, Captain - Patrol Division Commander
221 Franklin Turnpike,  
TelStuart Blank's201-529-1000, Ext. 212
Kathy Kelly, Administrative Secretary
221 Franklin Turnpike,  
TelKathy Kelly's201-529-1000, Ext. 202Fax201-529-0240
Public Works
Name Address Phone
Glenn Dowson, Public Works Director
142 North Railroad Avenue,  
TelGlenn Dowson's201-529-3344Fax201-512-0104
Paul Scherer, Water/Sewer Superintendent
TelPaul Scherer's201-529-4413 or 201-512-1161Fax201-512-0104
John Soha, Recycling Ctr Foreman/Recycling Coord.
142 North Railroad Avenue,  
TelJohn Soha's201-529-2991Fax201-512-0104
John Darby, Water Foreman
TelJohn Darby's201-529-3344 Ext. 109
Tony Iannaccone, Buildings and Grounds Foreman
142 North Railroad Ave, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelTony Iannaccone's201-529-3344, Ext. 102Fax201-512-0104
Tony Simonelli, Streets & Roads Foreman
TelTony Simonelli's201-529-3344, Ext. 112Fax201-512--0104
Brian Vanderbeek, Sewer Foreman
TelBrian Vanderbeek's201-529-3344 Ext. 108
Recreation Department
Name Address Phone
Dennis Burns, Director
475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelDennis Burns's201-529-5757, Ext. 254
Senior Center
Name Address Phone
Susanne Small, Senior Activity Center Coordinator
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelSusanne Small's201-529-5757 Ext. 213Fax201-529-8013
Rosalie Giudice, Assistant to Coordinator
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelRosalie Giudice's201-529-5757 Ext. 277Fax201-529-8013
Tax Assessor
Name Address Phone
Patrick Wilkins, Tax Assessor
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelPatrick Wilkins's201-529-5757 Ext 229Fax201-512-0396
Gina Dunko, Principal Clerk
Mahwah Municipal Complex,  
TelGina Dunko's201-529-5757 Ext 223Fax201-512-0396
Tax Collector
Name Address Phone
Elizabeth M. Villano, Tax Collector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelElizabeth M. Villano's201-529-5757 Ext 228Fax201-512-0396
Kelly Mangin, Deputy Tax Collector
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelKelly Mangin's201-529-5757 Ext. 226Fax201-512-0396
Debbie Cavalli, Account Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelDebbie Cavalli's201-529-5757 Ext 225Fax201-512-0396
Township Clerk
Name Address Phone
Kathrine Coviello, Municipal Clerk, RMC/CMC
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelKathrine Coviello's201-529-5757, Ext. 230Fax201-529-5740
Janis Fox, Deputy Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelJanis Fox's201-529-5757 Ext 231Fax201-529-5740
Carolyn George, Clerk Typist
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelCarolyn George's201-529-5757, Ext 232Fax201-529-0061
Township Council
Name Address Phone
David May, President
George Ervin, Vice President
Janet Ariemma, Councilmember
TelJanet Ariemma's201-327-5359Fax201
Robert Fergusen, Councilmember
475 Corporate Drive, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430 
TelRobert Fergusen's2015295757Fax201-529-5740
Michelle Paz, Councilmember
TelMichelle Paz's201-529-5757 ext. 230 Fax201-529-5740
Jonathan Wong, Councilmember
TelJonathan Wong's201-747-8817Fax201
James Wysocki, Councilmember
TelJames Wysocki's201-529-5757, Ext. 230Fax201-529-5742
Water/Sewer Billing & Collection
Name Address Phone
Eleanor Feduniewicz, Sr. Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelEleanor Feduniewicz's201-529-5757 Ext 221Fax201-512-0396
Sandra Auleta, Account Clerk
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelSandra Auleta's201-529-5757 Ext 222Fax201-512-0396
Fire / Ambulance Departments
Name Address Phone
Michael Roe, Fire Chief
Joanne Becker, Fire Dept Secretary-part time
Municipal Building Complex,  
TelJoanne Becker's201-529-5757 Ext 274Fax201-529-0061
Liz Villano, Chief, Mahwah EMS (MEMS)