Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
    • Why do I need a permit?
      This is the most frequently asked question.  The permit process is designed to assure that the work you are performing meets the minimum standard for safety.  The inspectors are all licensed professionsals whose purpose and goal is to make sure the work you do does not endanger you in anyway.  The codes are very complicated and on minimal standards that deal with living and working environments.  
  • Voting
    • I am interested in working the polls during elections. What steps are necessary to do so?

      For more information please contact the County Board of Elections at 201-336-6235.   You will be asked which party you are associated with and then be connected with the individual who handles that party for our Township.  There is a mandatory instructional class in Hackensack for all interested parties to attend prior to beginning work at the polls. 


  • Administration
  • General
    • How do I discard a worn American flag?
      You may bring your worn American Flag to Gary Montroy who is the Commander with the Mahwah VFW Post.  Gary will arrange for proper disposal at a ceremony which takes place at the Police and Fire Academy.  Phone: 201-848-1841   Email:
    • I am looking to open a business in Mahwah. What steps must I complete to do so?
      When interested in opening a business in Mahwah, you must first complete the Tenant Application Checklist .  The checklist can be found on our website; / Forms Center / Zoning Board of Adjustments, click on Tenant Application Checklist. 
  • Police
    • How do I contact the Mahwah Police Department?

      We are open 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 days a week. and are located at 221 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430.

      Our main telephone number is 201-529-1000. Our Investigative Bureau is 201-529-1000, ext. 216, and our primary Fax Number is 201-529-0240.

      In an EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1

Department of Fire Prevention
  • Fire Prevention
    • What are the regulations for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarm and fire extinguishers?
      N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.3 requires that before any one or two family residential dwelling is sold, leased, or otherwise made subject to a change of occupancy for residential purposes, the owner shall obtain a certificate of smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm compliance.

      P.L. 1991, c.92(C.52:27D-198.1) requires that one and two family dwellings at change of occupancy be provided with a portable fire extinguisher in addition to the requirements for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

      The following is the process to obtain this certificate:
      • Fill out a form at the Municipal Building Depatment of Fire Prevention. This may be done by the owner or authorized agent.
      • Pay an $80.00 fee.  Payment by check or cash; must be exact amount.
      • Schedule inspection.  Inspections are done Monday thru Friday between 7:30am and 9:00am, you may request your day and time.
      • If you pass the inspection, a certificate will be issued upon completion of the inspection by the Fire Prevention Inspector.
      • If dwelling is a two family dwelling, an application is required for each dwelling unit.
      • If the change of occupancy does not occur within six months a new application is required.
      • A new application is required for each change of occupancy. New occupant, new application.
    • What you need to know about Carbon Monoxide Alarms
      On April 7, 2003 New Jersey adopted regulations for the installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms in the vicinity of all sleeping areas in buildings and contain fuel burning appliances or have an attached garage.

      Carbon Monoxide Alarms should be installed within 10 feet of any sleeping areas so they will be audible in each bedroom.  Multiple Carbon Monoxide Alarms may be necessary to accomplsih this requirement.

      Carbon Monoxide Alarms may be battery type, AC plug in type, or part of the builidng alarm system.  All devices shall be listed and installed as per the manufacturers instructions. 

    • What you need to know about Low Voltage Fire Alarm Systems
      Low Voltage Fire Alarm Systems and any Fire Alarms that are monitored by a central notification station require that the owner or person respresenting the owner be able to perform certaint tasks.
      1. If the Fire Alarm System in monitored by a central station they must be contacted and notified of the testing to prevent dispatching of the Fire Department.
      2. Most of these systems have a process to reset the system after each detector is tested.  This usually includes the systems security number and some action entered into the alarm panel.  This process must be known or the system cannot be tested.  This will cause a failure and re-inspection will need to be scheduled.
    • What you need to know about smoke detectors.
      Smoke Detector requirements vary because of code changes adopted over the past years. At a minimum, homes built prior to January 1977 require battery detectors to be installed one on each level and outside of each sleeping area usually within 10 feet of any bedroom doors.

      Any building constructed after January 1977 needs to meet the requirements of the code at the time the building was constructed. If the codes only required hard wired smoke detectors on one or two floors, battery detectors or hardwired detectors need to be installed on each other floor.  Any hard wired detector may not be replaced with a battery detector.
Emergency Services
  • Emergency Services
    • Am I allowed to park my car in the street overnight?
      The Mahwah Police Department  reminds residents that Township Ordinance 7-3.3 prohibits the parking of vehicles along ANY roadway between the hours of 12 Midnight and 6:00 a.m.
      NOVEMBER 15th thru APRIL 15th
      Please make arrangements to park your vehicle off the roadway. Warnings may be issued first.
    • As an electrically operated medical device user, how can I prepare for power outages?
      If someone in your household uses any of the equipment listed below, please let Orange & Rockland know by calling toll-free at 1-877-434-4100 between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on week days, except holidays.

      Kidney dialysis machine
      Apnea monitor for infants
      Oxygen concentrator
      Pressure breathing therapy
      Infusion feeding pump
      Peritoneal dialysis machine
Fire / Ambulance Departments
  • General
    • How can I become a Jr. Fireman in Mahwah
      Mahwah has both Explorer and Junior Fireman programs.   The Explorer program begins at age 14 and the Junior Fireman program begins at age 16.  Most Explorers continue into the Junior program and once they reach the age of 18 they are eligible to apply to become a full time firefighter.   Applications for both programs are available at any Mahwah firehouse Wednesday evenings between the hours of 7:30-9:00 p.m.
    • I'm interested in becoming a fireman in Mahwah. What are the steps necessary to do so?
      In order to become a fireman in Mahwah, you must be 18 years of age, be a Mahwah resident for 6 months or longer, submit an application (including a physical exam)  and, after the application is approved, attend the Fire Academy.    Applications can be picked up at any Mahwah firehouse on Wednesday nights between 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. 
Health Department
  • Health
    • What should I do if I see injured wildlife?

      You can actually increase young wildlife's chances of survival by following one simple rule when finding them: Leave them alone!  It may be difficult to do, but this is the real act of kindness.  In nearly all cases, young wildlife does not need to be “saved”.  Resist the temptation to help them.  Only when they are found injured or with their dead mother is there a reason to intervene, and the State's wildlife laws are very specific about what you may do.   
      State law protects nearly all wild birds and mammals.  Wildlife may not be legally taken from the wild or kept in captivity.  Never consider wildlife as possible pets; it is both illegal and unwise.  Wild animals belong in the wild.  
      In some instances the Division of Fish and Wildlife may grant permission for the rehabilitation of a distressed or injured wild animal provided that:

      1. The Division of Fish and Wildlife law enforcement office in your area, the DEP Emergency Hotline, or the Wildlife Control Unit is notified of the situation within 12 hours.  Call 908-735-8793.

      2. The Division's Wildlife Control Unit prescribes a course of action that is in the best interest of the animal.  Normally the problem will be referred to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who has the required experience, permits and facilities to properly care for injured and distressed wildlife.

      You can view the list of State licensed wildlife rehabilitators on the web at .  Please know that for safety reasons not all injured wildlife (i.e. potentially dangerous species) can be rehabilitated.  These animals are also listed on the website.
      For additional information contact the DEP’s  Division of Fish and Wildlife, Wildlife Control Unit,  Clinton Wildlife Management Area, 141 Van Syckels Road, Hampton, NJ 08827,  phone 908-735-8793.
    • Who do I call for Animal Control?
      The Township of Mahwah has entered into an agreement with Tyco Animal Control for the year 2015 for animal control services. Residents are asked to call the Police Department 201-529-1000 for: sick, injured or dangerous animals, and stray animals.  Call Tyco Animal Control Services 201-652-4554 for: dead animals on public property; removal of nuisance wildlife; leash law, licensing and pooper scooper voilations, and to report a lost pet.  Tyco will also respond to requests for assistance on private property however, charges for these services apply and are billed directly to the property owner.
    • Where do I apply for a marriage or civil union license?

      Application for your license can be made in the hometown of either applicant and the license that is issued may be used anywhere in the state of New Jersey.   If you are both New Jersey residents and are planning an out-of-state ceremony, contact the Registrar in the town where the ceremony will take place.

      Mahwah takes marriage license applications by appointment only.  Please plan on coming in at least two weeks (and up to 6 months) before your ceremony.   Call us at 201-529-5757 x2 to make an appointment.  




    • Where do I obtain a certified copy of my Marriage Certificate?
      Contact the Registrar in the town where the wedding ceremony took  place  (regardless of where you applied for the license.)   

      You will need to complete an application form and supply ID.  Effective January 1, 2013 Mahwah charges $15 per copy, but this fee varies from town to town.   Mahwah's application is available here on our website; visit the Forms page.

      Executive Order 18 limits who may obtain certified copies of Vital Records.  If you are legally entitled to receive a record that belongs to someone else (i.e. your child, your parent, your sibling), you will be required to provide proof of your relationship to that person. 
    • Are food handlers required to wear gloves?
      Effective January 2, 2007 there can be no bare-hand contact with any ready to eat food (i.e. cold cuts, pizza, bakery items, etc.)  A food handler may use deli tissue, a utensil or gloves to serve these items and comply with the law. 
    • Who issues Mahwah dog and cat licenses?
      Animals are licensed by the Township Clerk's Office.  To obtain a license, you must prove that your pets' rabies vaccines are current.    Free rabies vaccines are available through Tyco Animal Control - visit their website at and click on the  Calendar  tab for available  clinic dates.   Bergen County  Animal Shelter also  offers free immunizations; call 201-229-4600 option 2, or visit their website at  for  the  most current  information.
    • Can I get a copy of my Septic “As-Built”?
      We have many (but not all) original septic plans and “as-builts”, dating back to the early 1950’s and 1960’s.   Stop in the Clerk's Office to complete an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request form if you need a copy of your Septic As-Built.    Nominal photo-copy fees apply.
Historic Preservation Commission
  • Historic Preservation Commission
    • What Township ordinance established the Historical Preservation Commission?

      Ordinance #627 was adopted on March 23, 1978 and established the Historic Sites Committee to protect, enhance and preserve districts, sites, buildings and structures of historic, cultural or architectural value or interest within the Township of Mahwah.
      Ordinance #1062 established the  Historic Preservation Commission to safeguard its historic, architectural, archeological and cultural heritage by protecting, preserving and conserving theses historic sites, districts, structures, objects, roads, and cemeteries.
      Ordinance #1313 amended Ordinance #1062 to work with and advise the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment on the effect of development applications on designated historic sites and in addition to review all permit applications involving the historic sites.
      Ordinance #1393 added the Valentine House to the list of protected properties.
      Ordinance #1564 added the Waterman House to the list of protected properties.
      Ordinance #1642 added the Ellis House to the list of protected properties.

      Ordinance #1747 added the Erie Caboose and the the Wannamaker Shed located on 142 N. Railroad Avenue to list of protected structures. 

    • How do I know if my home or other structure is "historic" and qualifies to be placed on the Township ordinance as an "historic landmark"?
      Ordinance #1313 Section 24-18.3 Historic Designation Criteria for qualifying as "historic". Generally, these include whether the landmark has historical, cultural, social or architectural significance.  Homes from the colonial era would likely qualify as an historic landmark because of  its significance in Mahwah's early history.  But a home might qualify as an historic landmark even if it is not especially "old".  It might qualify because it is associated with a person significant to the Township's history (e.g., Joyce Kilmer's home), or because it is of a unique architectural style (e.g., American Craftsman style).  The Historic Preservation Commission can assist you in determining whether your home or structure might be eligile for inclusion in the Township Ordinance as a protected historic site.
    • If I want to protect my historic house, what do I need to do?
      A. First contact the Mahwah Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) by calling 201-529-5757 ext 264 (HPC secretary, Denise Storms) to advise them of your intentions or you may attend an Historic Preservation Commission meerting.  HPC Public meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month (except September, which is the 2nd Monday), at 7:30 p.m. in the Townsihp Municipal Building, third floor, room 319, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, N.J. 07430.
      B. Write a letter to the Mayor and Council, and copy the HPC, requesting that your home be added to the list of historic protected properties on the historic preservation element of the Township Code.
      C.  In your letter, describe the reasons for requesting this inclusion: (see FAQ #'s 1 and 3).     

         Note: you may not have been able to establish all the criteria shown, but please
                  provide enough identification factors, with verification citing sources of your 
      D. The Township will request the request be added to a Township Council agenda.  It may be a month     before it is scheduled.

      E. When the request is placed on the Township Council meeting agenda, you will be notified, and it will be discussed and open to the public for comments.  A motion will be introduced to amend Chapter 24 of the Township Code Entitled "Historic Sites" to designate the property as an Historic Site in the Township of Mahwah. Township Council will add it to its next public meeting, where it will be voted on and adopted. The Amendment to the Township Ordinance is then signed by the Mayor and published.  The effective date is 20 days after publication. At that point, the house or site will be protected as per the stipulations in Township of Mahwah Ordinance #1313.

    • How do I research the history of my house?
      The New Jersey Historic Preservation Office has a brief quide on "How to Research the History of a House." 

      The following are questions to keep in mind when researching the history of your property/structure:
      • What is the name of the structure?
      • What is the location and address of the property?
      • What is the date it was built?
      • Who were the architect, designer and supplier of material for the structure?
      • What alterations and additions (with dates, name of architect, builder, etc.) have been made to the house?
      • What is the name of the original owner and of all subsequent owners?
      • What additions to, or sale of, the property were made by the owners?
      • What historical events and/or persons are associated with the structure?
      The following list of primary (archival & original) and secondary sources of documentation will assist in your property history search:
      1. Interview former owners & older neighbors
      2. Building permits, block and lot numbers
      3. Deeds (names of owners, dates of ownership)
      4. Estate Records/Wills
      5. Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)
      6. Census Records (Federal and New Jersey)
      7. Tax Appraisal Records (Municipal)
      8. Maps and Aerial Photographs
      9. Newspapers and books
        • Plot Boods (volumes of large-scale maps showing plots and buildings on each block)
        • Local, municipal, and/or county histories
        • Real Estate listings
      10. Historic Resource Surveys and Registers of Historic Places
      11. Architectural/Construction Drawings
    • What documentation do I need to prove that my house is historic?
      On order to determine if a property/structure can be considered for local historic designation, the property/structure must meet the Historic Designation Criteria under the Township of Mahwah Municipal Code Section 24.18.3 Ordiance #1313. 
    • What resources are available?
      • New Jersey Historic Presservation Office
      • New Jersey State Archives or email:
      • Rutgers University Library
      • Bergen County Justice Center
      • Bergen County Division of Cultural & Historic Affairs
      • Bergen County Historical Society
      • Mahwah Museum Society
      • Township of Mahwah Building Department (Department of Inspections)
      • Mahwah Library
        • From Pioneer Settlement to Suburban A History of Mahwah New Jersey, 1700-1976, Henry Bischoff and Mitchell Kahn
        • Ramapough Chronicles Images of American:Mahwah, Carole W. Greene
    • If I list my property/structure on the Historic Element of the Municipal Code as an historic site, does that mean that I cannot change anything in/on it?
      If a property/structure is added to the Historic Element of the Municipal Code as an historic site it does not necessarily mean that anything on the outside or inside of the property/structure cannot be changed. What it does mean is that the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) will over see changes under certain conditions. If the house is under 10,000 square feet, the Commission has no jurisdiction on interior changes.  However, the Commission is happy to advise the owner in regards to any work to be done, to keep the historic integrity of the structure.

      Emergency and ordinary repairs (including painting) of doors, roofs, windows, siding, and other outside strucutures, which do not change the architectural integrity of the structure, and which use in kind materials, do not require Commission review.  Any work to change the outside of the structure which requires a permit will be subject to review by the HPC.  The Commission will review the permit and provide a written report as to the historical preservation provisions to the changes proposed in the permit application. The Commission can recommend approval of the permit, approval with condtions, or recommend that the permit be denied. The Commission recommends that homeowners come to a Commission meeting prior to any application for a permit to speak to the members about any changes they would like to make.
    • Why should I place my home on the Historic Element of the Township Code?
      It is an acknowledgement from the Township that your property/struture is valued by the Township.  It helps tell the story of our community, as it represents an architectural style, historic time period or event. There is a good feeling to restorying and preserving the property for future generations.  If you purchased an historic home, you understand the uniqueness of your home and the importance of carrying this piece of the past forward into our future.  Just 50 years ago, Mahwah was largely a rural farming community.  Today, it is a busy, growing suburb with only vestiges of its rural past existing in small pockets around the Township. Placement of your home on the Historic Element of the Township Code ensures its historic character will be preserved for future generations.  Years from now, it is likely that only those homes that were placed on the ordinance will remain much the same as they are today. 
    • Is there any tax incentive or financial benefit to listing my house on the ordinance?
      There are not currently many direct financial benefits for the owner of a private historic residence.  Although its inclusion on the Ordinance could make it eligible for grants.  There is currently little assistance available presently for private residences, future legislation may broaden eligibility for economic grants.  
Municipal Court
  • General
    • Do I need a lawyer?
      We are not permitted to give legal advise.   You may come to court and speak with the Judge regarding your rights and what the consequences may be if you plead quilty and pay the ticket. 
    • How can the Court staff assist me?
      The Court Staff can:

      -  Explain and answer questions regarding how the court works
      -  Explain what the steps are to have your case considered by the court
      -  Provide you with some information from your case file
      -  Provide guidance on how to fill out forms
      -  Answer questions about court deadlines

      The Court Staff can not:

      -  Give legal advice.  Only a lawyer or public defender can give legal advice.
      -  Advise whether or not you should bring your case to court
      -  Give you an opinion about what will happen if you bring your case to court
      -  Recommend a lawyer, but we can porvide you with the telephone number of a local lawyer referral service
      -  Talk to the judge for you about what will happen in your case
      -  Let you talk to the judge outside the court
      -  Change an order issued by a judge
    • What are my options with regard to a ticket I received?
      If it is a payable ticket, you may pay it on line at;  send a check or money order to the court; or pay by credit card at the Violations Bureau window M-F during 8am - 4pm.  If you wish to plead not quilty, we will verify your address and schedule you for a court session.   If it is a Mandatory Violation, you are already scheduled for court.  
    • When is my court date?
      If the ticket is payable, the court date that appears on the ticket is the DATE TO PAY IT BY or to contact the court to enter a NOT GUILTY plea. 
    • Why do I have to post bail?
      According to Supreme Court rules, after you fail to appear for your court date, you will receive a "Failure to Appear" notice with a new court date.   If you fail to appear on the next court date, a "Warrant" will be issued for your arrest.   Once you have posted bail, you will receive a new court date.   Bail is to ensure you appear at your next scheduled court date.  Failure to do so will result in a Bail Forfeiture and a New Warrant will be reissued.   Once your matter is disposed of in court, you may use your bail money toward your fines.   If you are found Not Guilty or the matter is dismissed, you may have your bail refunded to you or to the surety, the person who posted the bail in your case.      
Planning / Zoning / Property Maintenance
  • General
    • Am I allowed to park my car in the street overnight

      The Mahwah Police Department  reminds residents that Township Ordinance 7-3.3 prohibits the parking of vehicles along ANY roadway between the hours of 12 Midnight and 6:00 a.m.  NOVEMBER 15th thru APRIL 15th
      Please make arrangements to park your vehicle off the roadway. Warnings may be issued first.

      In the event that the Township is plowing snow off the roadways,  Summonses will be issued.
Public Works
  • General
    • Are there recycling programs available to Bergen County residents for items such as Tires / Computers / Electronics?
      The Bergen Country Utilities Authority (BCUA)  holds collections for these items at various times throughout the year.   For collection dates and sites go to or call the BCUA Environmental Programs Hotline at 201-807-5825
    • Can I place old appliances at the curb for pick up with my trash?
      Metal appliances and metal items (other than appliances containing Freon)  can be disposed of in two ways.  Items such as washing machines, dryers, stoves, humidifiers, bed frames, water heaters etc. can be placed at tthe curb for regular trash collection ( the first pick up of the week during the summer) or brought to the Recycling Center to be disposed of in the dumpster for metal items.   

      Electronic appliances such as TVs, computers, printers, are no longer allowed in the trash.   These items must be brought to the Recycling Center and placed in the electronic recycling container.  Any item with a plug may be placed in the electronic recycling container.    Often when receiving a delivery for a new appliance, TVs, etc,  the vendor will remove the old appliance.
    • Can items at curbside be picked up by public?
      15-6.4 Cubside Placements to Become Township Porperty.
      a).  From the time of placement of newspapers, glass, plastic, aluminum and other metal items by any person at the curb for collection by the Township or its authorized agent, pursuant to the rules and regulations herein contained or hereafter promulgated, such newspaper, glass, plastic, aluminum and other metal items shall become the sole property of the Township or its authorized agent.  
    • How do I dispose of a refrigerator, freezer, or room air conditioner?
      For disposal of any appliances containing a refrigerant (Freon) such as refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, please call 1-973-227-7020 to arrange a date and time to have the appliance picked up at the curb by the Township contracted hauler.
    • How do I dispose of Hazardous Household Waste such as paint, pesticides, batteries, etc.
      Mahwah does not accept any paint, paint cans or paint brushes.  Batteries can be recycled at Mahwah's Recycling Center.  Resident are also encouraged to return batteries to the stores where they were purchased.   Bergen County Utilities Authority hold collections for Household Hazardous Waste certain times throughout the year at three different locations; Parmaus, Mahwah and Moonachie.  For dates and location sites go to  Or call the BCUA Environmental Programs Hotline at 201-807-5825.

    • How do I report a problem with a streetlight?
      Click on the link below to report problems with streetlights.
    • Where can I dispose of Propane Tanks?

      Mahwah does not dispose of propane tanks.   Residents are advised to dispose of them at the Bergen Country Hazardous Waste Collection sites.  For more information go to
Recreation Department
  • Recreation
    • Directions to Township Owned Recreation Facilities
      Facilities Inventory
      Township Owned Facilities:
      Continental Soldier’s Park: 550 Ramapo Valley Road
      Directions: From the South—Route 17 N – Get off at the Route 202 exit. At the end of the exit ramp make left turn (202 South). Continue on Route 202, past the 1st traffic light at the entrance to Ramapo College.  Go straight and turn right at the 2nd light into the Park
      From the North—Interstate 287 to Route 17 S – Travel approximately 1/2 mile – Get off at the Route 202exit. Atthe end of the exit ramp make left turn (202 South). Continue on Route 202, past the 1st traffic light at the entrance to Ramapo College.  Go straight and turn right at the 2nd light into the Park
      • Baseball diamond
      • Softball diamond
      • 80 yard Football field
      • Regulation soccer field
      • Paved path around field (3 laps equal 2 miles)
      • (2) Bocce courts
      • Gazebo
      • Skateboard Park
      • Playground
      • Grandstands with press box
      • Storage areas and team room
      • Bathroom facilities
      • Concession stand with covered picnic area
      • TMYSB storage sheds
      • Lake Henry and Ramapo River access
      • Mulch path around lake with bridges
      Winter Park: East Ramapo Ave.
      From the South—Route 17 N –Take exit for West Ramapo Avenue, Mahwah - (right by U-Save gas station). Proceed straight to stop sign. Take right onto Island Road and first left onto Ramapo Avenue. Proceed past Commodore Field. Park entrance is on the right, just past the softball field.
      From the North—Interstate 287 to Route 17 S – Travel approximately 3/4 miles- Get off at West Ramapo Avenue, Mahwah (under overpass). Keep bearing to the right – going over Route 17. At stop sign, take a right onto Island Road and first left onto Ramapo Avenue. Proceed past Commodore Field. Park entrance is on the right, just past the softball field.
      • Playground
      • Picnic tables
      • Game tables
      • Gazebo
      • Historic barn
      • Pond
      Commodore Perry Field: 70 East Ramapo Ave.
      From the South—Route 17 N –Take exit for West Ramapo Avenue, Mahwah - (right by U-Save gas station). Proceed straight to stop sign. Take right onto Island Road and first left onto Ramapo Avenue to first right into parking lot for field.
      From the North—Interstate 287 to Route 17 S – Travel approximately 3/4 miles- Get off at West Ramapo Avenue, Mahwah (under overpass). Keep bearing to the right – going over Route 17. At stop sign, take a right onto Island Road and first left onto Ramapo Avenue to first right into parking lot for field.
      • Baseball diamond
      • Softball diamond
      • 80 yard Football field
      • Regulation soccer field
      • (2) Basketball courts with lights
      • (2) Tennis courts with lights
      • Street hockey court with lights
      • Annex 1- Recreation Committee office
      • Bathroom facilities
      • Concession stand
      • TMYSB storage shed
      Riverside Field: Reich Ave., off Route 202
      • (2) baseball diamonds
      • Soccer field
      • Playground equipment
      Stag Hill Field: Stag Hill Road
      • Location: Stag Hill Road
      • Baseball diamond
      • Basketball Court
      • Playground
      Fardale Field: 25 Chapel Road, Behind George Washington School
      From Route 17, take 202 South past Continental Soldiers Park (towards Oakland). Make the first left after Continental Soldiers onto Darlington Road (about 0.1 miles), and then the first right onto Campgaw Road (about 0.2 miles). Follow Campgaw about 2 miles (go over Route 287 and past Darlington Golf Course). Make a left onto Youngs Road and then the second right onto Chapel Road. The parking lot is on left, next to the field. The field in front with the grass infield is Fardale.
      • Baseball diamond
      • Regulation soccer field
      • (2) Basketball courts with lights
      • (2) Tennis courts with lights
      • Street hockey court with lights
      Board of Education Owned Facilities: Leased to Township
      Silver Creek Park/Sam Braen Field: Corner of Airmont & Airmount Roads
      Rt. 17 to Island Road exit. Proceed on Island Road to Airmont Ave, go right. Go through light on Franklin Tpke., and up hill to end (Airmount Ave.) Park is on your left.
      • Pond with fountain
      • Playground
      • Picnic tables
      • Baseball diamond
      • Batting cage
      Koufax Field: Follow directions to Silver Creek Park. Koufax Field is part of the same facility.
      • Location: Airmont Ave.
      • Baseball Diamond
      Memorial Field: Follow directions to Silver Creek Park. Memorial Field is part of the same facility.
      • Location: Airmont Ave.
      • Soccer/ Lacrosse field
    • What are the Useage Regulations for Township Recreational Facilities?
      Recreation Related Ordinances
      Chapter IX
      Recreational Facilities
      (Includes amendments made by Ordinance No:1601)
      9-1.1        Designation of Facilities. For the purpose of this Chapter, the Township’s recreational facilities shall include the following as well as the grounds surrounding the same, the adjacent thereto set aside for parking of vehicles and bicycles:
      a.      Commodore Perry Complex
      b.      Winter’s Park and Pond Complex, commuter parking lots excluded.
      c.       Airmount Complex, including pond.
      d.      Riverside Park Complex.
      e.       Fardale Complex.
      f.       Stag Hill Complex.
      g.      Continental Soldier’s Park.
      h.      Airmont Park.
      i.        Ridge Road Park.
      j.        Mary Patrick Park.
      k.      Any school facility designated the responsibility of and sponsorship of the Recreation Commission.
      l.        Any other Town-owned or leased property so designated.
      m.    Any future properties designated as a recreational facility.
      9-1.2        Hours of Operation. The Township recreational facilities shall be open at
      7:00 a.m. prevailing time, and shall close one-half (1/2) hour after sunset.
      The closing time shall not apply to persons who are specifically engaged in a permitted activity or sport approved by the Township. The time of sunset shall
      Be as set forth by the U.S. National Weather Service. (Ord.#545; 1976
      Code 138-2; Ord. #654)
      9-1.3   Use of Facilities.
      a.      The use of the Township’s tennis courts and pool, owing to their limited number and capacity, are hereby restricted to residents of the Township and their guests. Notwithstanding this restriction, nonresidents who are participating or attending an activity sponsored or approved by the Township or the Township’s Recreation Committee may use the Township’s tennis courts and pool. In scheduling use of the Township’s athletic fields, owing to their limited number, the Township Recreation Committee shall give preference to Township residents.
      b.      The use of the Township’s parks and playgrounds are open to the public and may be used by residents and nonresidents alike. (Ord. #545; 1976 Code 138-3; Ord. #1439)
      9-1.4   Unlawful Use.
      a.  It shall be unlawful for any person to enter upon or use the recreational  
           facilities of the grounds or buildings thereof or to park any vehicle therein
           except between the hours of 7:00 am and 11:00 p.m., prevailing time,
           except as provided in Section 9-1.2.
      b.      It shall be unlawful for any hoofed animal to enter upon or use Continental
      Park at any time.
      9-1.4A Smoking Prohibited.
      a. Definition. As used in this section, “smoking” shall mean the use or possession
          of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other matter or substance which    
           contains tobacco and/or similar products.
      b.      Smoking prohibited. The Township does hereby specifically prohibit any
      Smoking in, on, or around any recreational facility as defined in this section.
      c.       Enforcement. This subsection shall be enforced by any member of the
      Police Department of the Township of Mahwah. (Ord.#1559, 1)
      9-1.5        Emergency Regulations.  In the event of any emergency or necessity or for any other purpose, the Township Recreation Committee, the Chief of Police (or his duly authorized representative) or the Township Council (or it’s duly appointed representative) may modify for limited periods the hours and dates or use as hereinabove provided by the issuance of a special regulation, which shall be published and posted upon the grounds or the recreational facility so affected. (Ord. #545; 1976 Code 138-6; Ord.#1439)
      9-1.6        Tennis Fees. 
      a.      The Cost of an annual tennis identification badge for a resident shall be eight
      (8) dollars per adult and six (6) dollars per child under eighteen (18) years of age.
      b.      The cost of a daily individual tennis guest tag (for a bona fide guest of a resident) shall be three (3) dollars.
      c.       The cost of renewal of all annual individual tennis identification badges shall be four (4) dollars. (Ord. #542; 1976 code 138-7; Ord.#925; Ord.#1439)
      9-1.7        Organized Team Fees.  The cost of group tags for one season or part thereof shall be as follows:
      a.        For Little League organizations, civic organizations, or recreational teams
      sponsored by the Township: One hundred ($1.00) dollars per organization.
      b.        For organized leagues with rosters of at least 75% Mahwah residents: One
      Hundred ($100.00) dollars per team.
      c.         For organized leagues with rosters of less than 75% Mahwah residents: Two
      Hundred ($200.00) dollars per team.
      d.        For nonleague teams: Five hundred ($500.00) dollars per team. (Ord.#542; 1976 code 138-7; Ord.#925; Ord. #1439)
      9-1.8        Skate ParkThe purpose of this section is to establish rules and regulations for the use of the Township of Mahwah’s skate park facilities:
      a.       All users must obtain a non-transferable badge from the Township of Mahwah Recreation Department at which time the user will receive a copy of the rules and regulations. The badge will be forfeited for violating the rules and regulations. The user must have the badge in possession at all times when using the facility and shall display same at the request of a representative of the Township of Mahwah Police Department and/or Township of Mahwah Recreation Department. To obtain a badge, a user who is under 18 years of age must have written permission from the user’s legal guardian.
      b.      The skate park will not be supervised. Use of the skate park will be at the user’s own risk. The facilities shall only be used for skateboards with a maximum length of 34 inches and in-line skaters. Bicycles, roller skates, scooters, go-peds, and any other kind of motorized vehicles are not permitted at any time.
      c.       All users must skate responsibly. All users must wear full safety equipment which shall include helmet, elbow and knee pads, gloves and wrist protection. In addition, users must have proper shoes satisfactory for participating in the activity. All equipment is to be worn in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
      d.      Use of the skater park and facility shall only be permitted in accordance with the dates and hours posted. The facility shall be closed during periods when the equipment or services are wet and/or icy. The facility shall also be closed to allow for reasonable inspection and maintenance.
      e.       Organized events involving participation of 7 or more people shall require the prior approval of the Township Recreation Department.
      f.       No food, drinks, drugs, smoking, amplified music or pets shall be permitted.
      g.      The participants are required to inspect the skating surfaces before use and to remove any trash, debris or objects. Participants are required to report any damage to the skate park to the Township of Mahwah Recreation Department or Township of Mahwah Public Works Department.
      h.      Signs shall be posted at the skate park setting forth the requirement to wear safety equipment and advising users of the rules and regulations for use of the skate park.
      i.        This Ordinance shall be enforced by representatives of the Township of Mahwah Police Department and the Township of Mahwah Recreation Department.  
      ORDINANCE NO. 1559
      WHEREAS, the Township of Mahwah and its Mayor and Council are deeply concerned with adverse health affects of smoking, as well as the adverse affects of second-hand smoke; and
      WHEREAS, the Township runs many recreational programs and other recreational programs within the Township are conducted under the auspices of the Township and on fields and properties owned by the Township; and
      WHEREAS, smoking in and around these recreational facilities creates the peculiar circumstances of young people being encouraged and coached by adults to do things beneficial to their health, while at the same time they observe adults smoking and/or adversely affected as a result of second-hand smoke; and
      WHEREAS, the Township has jurisdiction over the Recreational Facilities that are utilized for recreational activities and has an obligation to maintain those facilities and prohibit those activities which it deems to be unsatisfactory and contrary to the good health of the youths who are encouraged to participate in these many and varied recreational activities;
      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Council of the Township of Mahwah as follows:
      Section 1. Chapter 9 “Recreational Facilities” of the Code of the Township of Mahwah is hereby amended to include the following:
      9-1.4A Smoking Prohibited
      a.       Definition. As used in this Chapter, “smoking” shall mean the use or possession of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco and/or other similar products.
      b.      Smoking Prohibited. The Township does hereby specifically prohibit any smoking in, on, or around any Recreational Facility as defined in this Chapter.
      c.       Enforcement. This Ordinance shall be enforced by any member of the Police Department of the Township of Mahwah. 
      THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED that this Ordinance shall become effective after final passage, adoption and publication as required by law.
      5-4          Control of Dogs.
      5-4.2        Curbing of Dogs. It shall be unlawful for any person owning, keeping, harboring or having the custody and possession of any dog, whether registered or not, to cause, suffer or allow such dog to soil, defile, defecate on or commit any nuisance on any common thoroughfare, sidewalk, passageway, bypath, play area, park or any place where people congregate or walk, or upon any private property without the permission of the owner of the property. The restriction in this subsection shall not apply to that portion of the street lying between curb lines, which shall be used to curb such dog under the following conditions:
      a.      The person who so curbs such dog shall immediately remove feces deposited by such dog by any sanitary method approved by the Township Board of Health.
      b.      The feces removed from the aforementioned designated area shall be disposed of by the person owning, harboring, keeping or having the custody and possession of any dog curbed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, in a sanitary manner approved by the Township Board of Health.                            
      (Ord. #487; 1976 Code 96-17)
Senior Center
  • Senior Center
    • Are there fees for classes/trips?

      Generally there are no fees for class participation. However, some workshops may require a fee to cover instruction and material. There will be a charge for trips.

    • Can I obtain a newspaper discount for The Record?
      The Records provides a discount to senior citizens on newspaper subscriptions.   Please call (888) 473-2673, or visit their website at
    • Does Mahwah provide transportation for senior citizens or for those with disabilities?

      Yes, Mahwah Access Transportation provides bus service for senior citizens, people with disabilities and other residents of the Trownship of Mahwah who are unable to drive.  Transporation to doctor's offices and/or physical therapy (within our service area), and Valley Hospital is available on a daily basis with a three day advance reservation notice. 

      Monday, Wednesday and Friday many seniors are transported to the North West Bergen Senior Activity Center in Midland Park.  They arrive at approx. 10:00am, and are picked up for the return trip home at 2:00pm.    Tuesday passengers are transported to the Interstate or Ramsey Square Shopping Centers for approximately three hours.  Thurday transporation is provided to the Mahwah Senior Citizen Center for a luncheon or Mahwah Senior Club meetings.

      A $1 donation for a round trip us suggested.  To sign up for Mahwah's Access Transportation or to find out more information regarding the monthly calendar of sevices available, please call 201-529-2691. 
    • How can I obtain a Senior Citizen discount for E-Z Pass?
      The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has a Senior Citizen Discount Program for E-Z Pass.   You must hold a vaild driver's license in any state to qualify.   Please call them at (732)442-8600 ext. 2100 with any questions.  To open an account, call (888)288-6865 and press "7" or apply on line at 
    • Is there a fee to join the Mahwah Senior Center?

      There is no membership fee to join.

    • What would constitute an inappropriate participant?

      Since this is an activity center, we are unable to accommodate anyone suffering dementia or confusion. We do not have on-site medical personnel. This is not an adult day-care center.

    • Where can I obtain information on Senior Assistance For NJ Transit
      NJ Transit offers a Reduced Fare Program for Seniors. Call NJ Transit at 973-378-6401 or 973-378-6327 with any quesitons about the program.
    • Who is eligible?

      Any Mahwah resident 62 years or older, who functions independently or who has a companion accompanying them.

    • Why can't I just come and go as I please?

      After registering for a class you are free to participate. We encourage independence, for scheduled activities. On the contrary, we are a structured program with policies and procedures to adhere to.

Township Clerk
  • Township Clerk
    • How and where do I license my dog or cat?
      In accordance with the Township Code, dogs and cats over seven months of age are required to be licensed.

      A Rabies Vaccination Certificate, valid through and including November 1 of each year is required.  If applicable, written proof of spaying or neutering from a licensed Veterinarian is required. If the dog or cat has previously been licensed and the Municipal Clerk's Office records reflect same, proof of spraying/neutering and rabies vaccination are not required.

      Fees for Dog and Cat Licenses:
      $7.00 per spayed or neutered dog and/or cat.
      $10.00 per unspayed or unneutered dog and/or cat.
      $2.00 replacement fee for lost tag.

      After February 15, of each year, the $10.00 late fee per animal is imposed which is in addition to the licensing fee.

      Licenses may be renewed in person between the hours of 8:30AM and 3:30PM, Monday through Friday except Municipal holidays in the Minicipal Clerk's Office, or by mailing the Rabies Vaccination Certificate, Proof of Spaying/Neutering Certificate and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Township of Mahwah, 475 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430, Attention: Municipal Clerk's Office. Please do not send cash. If licensing cats and dogs, separate checks are necessary.
    • How do I obtain a parking permit to park in the municipal parking lots?
      Parking Permits are only issed to Mahwah residents.   A Driver's License and Vehicle Registration in your Mahwah address must be shown for proof of residency.   Parking Permits are valid for as long as you own your vehicle.   Parking is on a first come, first serve basis.   Parking Permits may be obtained in the Municipal Clerk's Office between 8 AM - 4 PM weekdays, except for Municipal Holidays. 

      The Municipal Parking Lots are located on East Ramapo Avenue.   One is located by the Red Caboose / Train Station and the other is directly across the street along side Winter's Pond. 
    • How do I request a copy of a municipal record?
      Forms to request copies of municipal records are availabe in the Municipal Clerk's Office or on the Townships's Website;  Go to  "Forms Center", scroll down to "Towhship Clerk" and click on desired form.
  • Voting
    • How and where do I register to vote?
      Voter registration forms are available at the Township Clerk's office. Absentee Ballot Request Forms are also available at the Township Clerk's office.  Deadline for requests must be received by the Bergen County Clerk's Office in Hackensack is seven days before election for which you are requesting the absentee ballot.  You may apply in person to the Bergen County Clerk, One Bergen County Plaza, Room 130, in Hackensack up until 3:00PM the day before the election.
    • How do I find out where I can vote?
      You can find out where to vote within the Township by viewing the Voting Districts & Locations web page in the web site (which is located within the Township Clerk web site section.)    
Water/Sewer Billing & Collection
  • General